• J1 Jiujitsu offering classes in Sport Jiujitsu and Self Defence for kids and adults since 2009.

    We teach Modern Jiujitsu based on Kawaishi Jiujitsu. A system a little bit closer to Judo or Sambo than to BJJ.

  • We currently have two training locations in Auckland. Northcote and Penrose.

    Classes are fun and practical. We also have a strong safety focus.

  • Although our system originated from the Samurai in Japan it has been modernised to be practical for today.

    You will learn striking, grappling, throwing, locks and submissions and how to defend against common weapons such as knives and sticks.


J1 Jiujitsu was formed in April 2009 in Rosedale, Albany. What started with just kids classes, grew to add adults classes in July 2009 and a second venue at the Onehunga Community Centre in 2010. In December 2015 we had our first home grown Black Belt when Ryan Mears was awarded his Shodan. Since then we have had 2 other students achieve Black Belt with Greg Wong in May 2018 and Alex Ianovski in December 2018. Briefly a third group trained in Waimauku and Kumeu Gym but this group has merged, so that now we have two venues Northcote and Holland House in Penrose. We are proud to have a NZ Jujitsu Federation registered Black Belt instructor, and be a registered club with Gold status. See more at www.nzjjf.org.nz.


Holland House, 123 Rockfield Road, Penrose

Kids Class 5.30pm
Adults Class 6.30pm

Northcote Dojo, 21 Kaka Street, Northcote

Adults Class 8pm

Kids Class 10am
Adults Class 11.15am


The easiest way to contact us is via email.
northcote@jiujitsu.co.nz for the Northcote dojo
hollandhouse@jiujitsu.co.nz for the Holland House dojo
sensei@jiujitsu.co.nz if you have a more General enquiry

We welcome visitors from overseas who want to join us for long or short stays. We have had visitors from Japan, Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Australia so far and look forward to meeting more of you. Please contact us in advance including your size and we may be able to lend you a Gi to use.

Alternatively to email you can use facebook messenger from our facebook page www.facebook.com/j1jiujitsu.